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wiecej niz szkola filmowa

In 2002, on the initiative of Andrzej Wajda and Wojciech Marczewski, the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing was established, offering unique training courses for film professionals which combined education with film production. In 2011 the school changed its name to the Wajda School. The School place great emphasis on international co-operation and co-productions and they offer professional artistic supervision by leading Polish and European filmmakers.

The School sets great store on development and creativity during this process, so the training includes script doctoring, shooting one or two scenes from a script worked on during the course, and production within the Studio of selected short documentaries and feature films.

Over the last 15 years, the Wajda School & Studio have organised 62 editions of professional film training programmes:

  • EKRAN + – an international programme for film professionals
  • DOC PRO – a documentary film programme
  • DEVELOPMENT LAB – a feature film programme
  • SCRIPT – a screenplay programme
  • CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT – a programme for producers
  • ONLINE CAMERA – an online course for beginners
  • In addition, the School offers a course aimed at high school students and students in their first year at university called FILM KINDERGARTEN. (Film Kindergarten is free thanks to the support “Act Locally” program, which is a project of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation implemented by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland.)

For several years, the School has co-organised with the Mastercard Off Camera Festival the prestigious SCRIPT PRO screenwriting contest, which is a continuation of the Hartley-Merrill international script competition, and it also runs the Canal Plus Series Lab together with Canal Plus.

The Wajda School has been active in the international education market for many years, initiating or co-organising a wide range of events and programmes for young filmmakers.

It has co-organised, among others, the Script Factory international screenwriting workshops, the Eso Doc documentary workshops, the Reflection documentary programme, a Russian-Polish documentary workshop, the Polish-German-Israeli Triangle Dialogue documentary programme, the Into the Future international conferences (Zurich, Oslo, Berlin), the Digital Production Challenge production and post-production workshops, the DocRestart documentary workshops, and the Constellations screenwriting workshop. The Wajda School was also the initiator and organiser of a conference entitled Hero of Our Time, as well as being the initiator of the “30 minutes” programme.

The output from the Wajda School & Studio now amounts to over 100 documentary and feature films, over 250 etudes, dozens of screenings and many awards at major film festivals such as Berlinale, San Sebastian, Karlovy Vary, Hot-Docs, IDFA or DOK Leipzig, Kraków, Gdynia and Koszalin…

The Wajda School enjoys the honorary patronage of the European Film Academy.


Więcej niż studio filmowe.

In 2011, Andrzej Wajda and Wojciech Marczewski set up a production studio – the Wajda Studio. The Studio place great emphasis on international co-operation and co-productions and they offer professional artistic supervision by leading Polish and European filmmakers.

Thanks to the close co-operation and support from the Polish Film Institute Wajda Studio produced over 100 documentaries, short features directed by our graduates and over 300 school films awarded and recognized at numerous international film festivals. With a strong focus on local and cross country co-production, in 2012 Wajda Studio produced its first full feature international co-production “Sanctuary”, a joint project with Ireland directed by Nora McGettigan.

The Studio has won the award for Best Producer of Shorts and Documentaries three times at the Kraków Film Festival. It has also received the Polish Film Institute’s award for the EKRAN programme in the Professional Training Programme category.

Among the titles that the Wajda Studio can be extremely proud of today are: “Joanna” by Aneta Kopacz, which received an Oscar® nomination for Best Short Film in 2013; “Paparazzi” by Piotr Bernaś, which received an EFA Award at the Kraków Film Festival for Best European Film; Vahram Mkhitayan’s “Milky Brother”, which was awarded in Gdynia, Kyiv, Anger, Yerevan and Koszalin; and other films which received multiple awards: “Three For the Taking” by Bartek Konopka; “Aria Diva” by Agnieszka Smoczyńska; “Glasgow” by Piotr Subbotko; “Performer” by Maciej Sobieszczański and Łukasz Ronduda – which won a THINK: FILM AWARD at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival; and finally “Communion” by Anna Zamecka, which received the Film Critics’ Week Award at Locarno, as well as a Polish “Orzeł” [Eagle] film award in 2017 in the Best Documentary Film category. In 2017, the film received the European Film Award for the Best European Documentary Film“Symphony of the Ursus Factory” by Jaśmina Wójcik, which won Best Mid-Length Documentary Award at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 2019. More productions are underway…


  • Jacques Akchoti
  • Linda Beath
  • Jacek Bławut
  • Claire Downs
  • Ildiko Enyedi
  • Leszek Dawid
  • Sławomir Fabicki
  • Milenia Fiedler
  • Jan Fleischer
  • Denijal Hasanović
  • Mamoun Hassan
  • Piotr Mikucki
  • Marilyn Milgrom
  • Roshanak Behesht Nedjad
  • Nigel Orrillard
  • Paweł Pawlikowski
  • Udayan Prasad
  • Mateusz Rakowicz
  • Volker Schloendorff
  • Oliver Schütte
  • Maciej Sobieszczański
  • Aleksander Sokurow
  • Agnieszka Holland
  • Antoine Jaccoud
  • Joanna Krauze
  • Marcel Łoziński
  • Filip Marczewski
  • Wojciech Marczewski
  • Andrzej Mellin
  • Witold Stok
  • Ole Wendorff-Østergaard
  • Jerzy Zieliński
  • Vita Żelakeviciute