Films from Wajda School and Studio available online for free! April 11, 2020 Magda Wylężałek #stayathome and watch the films developed and produced at Wajda School and Studio. Below you can find our recommendations and places where you can watch our films for free. Let’s spend this time together! Czytaj więcej
April 10, 2020 Magda Wylężałek Czytaj więcej
Uczestnicy Ekran+ First session of EKRAN+ 2020 kicked off! March 5, 2020 Magda Wylężałek First session of EKRAN+ 2020 in Wajda Studio. The participants will pitch their projects and analyze their scenes for the first time under the tutorship of Wojciech Marczewski, Udayan Prasad and Denijal Hasanović. Czytaj więcej
CALL FOR NEW edition of EUROPEAN TRAINING PROGRAMME EKRAN+ 2020 IS NOW OPEN October 8, 2019 Mariusz Ulejczyk EKRAN+, organized by Wajda Studio and Wajda School, is a training program focused on the creative pre-production of feature films, based on shooting practice. Czytaj więcej
It is a wrap for EKRAN+ 2019! See how we create new European cinema! June 25, 2019 Mariusz Ulejczyk Another year of hard work at film development is behind us! The final session of EKRAN+ 2019 is finalized and our participants left Warsaw with their scenes, that they shot on professional film sets working with outstanding international casts and crews. Czytaj więcej
Three films developed at EKRAN+ selected for 43rd Gdynia Film Festival! July 24, 2018 Mariusz Ulejczyk “Fugue” by Agnieszka Smoczyńska, “Hole In The Head” by Piotr Subbotko and “Werewolf” by Adrian Panek will compete at the Main Competition in Gdynia! Czytaj więcej
It’s a wrap for EKRAN+ 2018! See the new fresh faces of European cinema! July 6, 2018 Mariusz Ulejczyk On 18-26 June 2018 the third and last session of this year’s edition of EKRAN+, an international training program for filmmakers and film professionals, took place. Czytaj więcej
Launch of the first session of EKRAN+ 2018 Read about chosen projects! March 5, 2018 Mariusz Ulejczyk EKRAN+ is a 22-day professional training programme, primarily designed for directors/writer-directors, focusing on the vision of their future film. This vision is elaborated through the combination of three major elements: the script, the audiovisual components and the collaboration with the other professionals involved in the shooting of the film. Czytaj więcej