A directing and scriptwriting programme for filmmakers from Belarus

Film Bridge – Belarus is a proprietary programme of the Wajda School, run in conjunction with the Gdynia Film School, which aims to develop the projects of young Belarusian filmmakers – directors and screenwriters – wishing to make their own film.

The programme is open both to people who are still waiting to make their directorial debut and also creators who have already made their first full-length feature or documentary films. During the selection process, in addition to their current film experience, the most important thing will be the idea that potential participants will have for the film they would like to develop during the programme.

For 7 months – from December 2021 to June 2022 – six young creators will work on the development of their projects, both fiction and documentary films, together with experienced Polish filmmakers.

The programme is based on group activities, practical workshops and individual work on participants’ own projects under the supervision of a tutor. During online sessions and on-site workshops, under the supervision of lecturers from the Wajda School and Gdynia Film School, participants will work on their own treatment, learn to work with an actor and shoot a selected scene from their project, which they will then edit and analyse during classes. Programme participants will also take part in the shooting of a short documentary project.

During the programme, participants will work with experienced filmmakers associated with the Wajda School and Gdynia Film School: Wojciech Marczewski, Robert Gliński, Denijal Hasanovic, Maciej Sobieszczański, Udayan Prasad, Andrzej Fidyk, Jerzy Rados, and the initiator and coordinator of the programme – Filip Marczewski.

The intended final result of the fiction part of the programme is a detailed treatment or first draft of a feature film script, as well as a scene from the resulting text shot with actors, so that each participant completes the programme with a package they can use to look for a producer and attempt to get their project off the ground. With the documentary projects, the result will be a short exercise or documentary.


Recruitment deadline: 27 October 2021.
Participation in the programme is free of charge.


Wajda School –
Gdynia Film School –

The FILM BRIDGE – BELARUS programme is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.



Participants of the Film Bridge – Belarus programme will develop their own ideas for a feature film, learning to work with an actor and working on the set during the filming of a selected fictional scene from their project, as well as shooting on documentary location. They will also take part (as co-workers) in the making of joint workshop scenes for the Script/Development Lab courses at the Wajda School and graduation films at the Gdynia Film School (made during their stay in Gdynia).

The programme is divided into online sessions (December/January) and on-site sessions at the Wajda School (February/March/April) and Gdynia Film School (April/May/June).

Online sessions:

December 2021 (three days) – discussing the fiction and documentary projects participating in the programme
January 2022 ( two days) – working on the treatments of submitted projects
December-January – classes on basic Polish language skills (several hours)

On-site sessions:

Wajda School
February 2022 – acting workshops (two days) and a documentary session under the supervision of Andrzej Fidyk (two days)
March 2022 (2 days)* – fiction session discussing treatments and scenes that participants will shoot at the end of their stay in Warsaw, plus individual consultations with their project supervisor
* additionally, participants will take part in the making of workshop scenes for the Script/Development Lab courses
March/April 2022 – participants create workshop scenes from their feature project developed under the Film Bridge – Belarus programme, with editing of the scenes
April 2022 – presentation of the final scenes and joint analysis with lecturers

Gdynia Film School
April/May 2022 – documentary session – participants from Warsaw move to Gdynia, where they will take part in documentary classes and shoot a short documentary under the supervision of Andrzej Fidyk
June 2022 – the course ends with a joint workshop session attended by lecturers from both schools

Each participant will receive a diploma on completion of the course.
The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Regulations.


Applications deadline: 27 October 2021.

We invite feature and documentary film directors, screenwriters, cinematographers and actors who want to make their own film, as well as students and graduates of film schools, and filmmakers associated with off cinema.

To participate in the programme, you must speak Polish or English and have Belarusian citizenship. During the programme, an interpreter into Polish will be present at the meetings. There is no age limit.

Stage 1

Preliminary selection of candidates based on submitted documents:

The application documents must contain:

  • a feature film treatment, which will be developed during the programme (max. 5 typewritten pages);
  • one fully laid-out dialogue scene (the most important scene from your feature film project);
  • a documentary treatment (related to a protagonist and based on your own experiences)
  • and/or a documentary treatment on any topic (max. 1 typewritten page each);
  • previous film works (in the form of a link to the video material);
  • application form;
  • consent to the processing of personal data for the purposes of recruitment.

We accept documents only by email, sent to the following address:
Applications should be sent in Polish or English.


Stage 2

Online interviews with applicants – second half of November 2021.

Stage 3

Announcement of shortlisted participants (planned date of announcement – 30 November 2021).


Participation in the programme is free of charge.

The organisers of the programme (Wajda School and Gdynia Film School) will cover the costs of participants’ accommodation during their stay in Poland, local travel on public transport and half board.

Travel costs from their place of residence to Warsaw and then return to their place of residence after the end of the programme from Gdynia will be borne by the participants.