Arabic Secret

Kamil Filipek wants to meet his father, Illham Al Madafi – a star of Arabic folk music. The two men have never met before. The journey that he takes, accompanied by a film crew, is an attempt to find not only the meaning of life, but also his own roots. What will come out of a meeting with his father, if he ever gets a chance to see him? “Arabic Secret”, directed by Julia Groszek, is a story about the search of one’s identity, showcased from the viewpoint of two different worlds. Despite being raised in Poland, Kamil still feels a strong connection to the East.



  • 20th Ismailia International Film FestivalJury Prize, Ismailia, Egypt (2018)
  • Gryfiński Festiwal Miejsc i Podróży WłóczykijScreening, Gryfino, Poland (2018)
  • 27th Media Festival “Man in Danger”Award of the Polish Filmmakers Association  Łódź, Poland (2017)
  • DOK Film Market – DOK Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany (2017)
  • HumanDOC International Documentary Film Festival  – Grand Prix for the best Polish Documentary Film, Opole, Poland (2017)
  • 57th Krakow Film FestivalNominee the Golden Hobby-Horse, Krakow, Poland (2017)
  • 46th Lubuskie Film Summer International Film Festival – Eastern and Central European Cinema – Nominee The Golden Grape Award, Documentary Films Competition, Łagów, Poland (2017)
  • 44th Ińskie Lato Filmowe Screening, Łódź, Poland (2017)
  • 9th Festival FilmOFFiskoScreening, Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Poland (2017)
  • East Silver Market, JiHlava, The Czech Republic (2017)
  • 30th International Documentary Film Festival AmsterdamScreening – Docs for Sale, Amsterdam, Netherland (2017)
Arabic Secret
Runtime: 56 min
Genre: documentary
Premiere: 2017
Director: Julia Groszek
Screenplay: Julia Groszek
Director of photography: Bolek Kielak
Edited by: Hubert Pusek
Sound: Błażej Kanclerz, Agata Chodyra, Maciej Kaliński
Producer: Zuzanna Król
Co-producer: Barbara Paciorkowska, Marta Dużbabel
Production manager: Kinga Demska
Co-production: Polish Television
Production: Wajda Studio