Symphony of the Ursus Factory

SYMPHONY OF THE URSUS FACTORY is a feature-length film involving former workers of Ursus Mechanical Works. The concept of the project rests on former employees of Ursus Factory reenacting their jobs and recalling their memorized actions and sounds related to their daily work, and on using this footage in the film.

Recordings of single “work tracks “, composed during workshops with choreographer and composer, will be put together to create a symphony of images, movements and sounds. The film will become a tale of bygone industrial labour, in a unique way (memory of the body) reflecting the memories of the Factory crew. This will help to create an evocative image with a distinctive emotional message, providing a stimulus for reflection on the contemporary transformations of the world of labour.

The film will be implemented in a participatory way and immersed in the reality of former employees of Ursus Factory and residents of the district. It will be based on biographies of employees and their personal “work memories” recalled by the reconstruction of their movements made during the production of heavy machinery, as well as their choreographic and musical elaboration accompanied by entering the world of the former factory. Participation in the artistic process will allow former employees to share their memories of working experience in the Factory. The call will be conducted to ensure the diversity of professions, types of work carried out in the factory, and places of residence.

  • 14th ZagrebDox – award ZagrebDox Pro DCP, Croatia (2018)
  • DOK Leipzig – competition, Germany (2018)
  • 48th International Film Festival Rotterdam – competitionHolland (2019)
  • ZagrebDox 2019 – competition, Croatia (2019)
  • Hot Docs, Canada – Best Mid-Length Documentary Award, Canada (2019)
Symphony of the Ursus Factory
Runtime: 60 min
Genre: documentary
Premiere: 2018
Director: Jaśmina Wójcik
Screenplay: Igor Stokfiszewski, Jaśmina Wójcik
Director of photography: Kacper Czubak
Location scauting: Anna Boryś
Choreographer: Rafał Urbacki
Edited by: Aleksandra Gowin
Music: Dominik Strycharski
Sound on location: Błażej Kanclerz, Maciej Krupa, Anna Rok, Marcin Popławski
Producer: Wojciech Marczewski, Zuzanna Król
Production manager: Joanna Tatko, Kinga Demska
Assistant production manager: Rafał Kęska, Iga Wójcik
Co-financed by: Polish Film Institute, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, City of Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship
Co-production: Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission, MX35, The Warsaw Documentary Film Studio, Studio Filmowe Kronika Polska Kronika Filmowa
Production: Wajda Studio
Visual concept: Jakub Wróblewski
Partners: Ursus S.A., National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute