We are happy to present the names of participants and titles of projects selected to this year's edition of the international training programme for directors/screenwriters-directors EKRAN+.

Saulius Baradinskas – dir, Viktorija Seniut-Stroliene/Viktoria Films – prod, Egle Vertelyte – co-wr, project –Lithuania

Logline: Talented teenager Rokas runs away from his mafia family and joins a group of freedom informals to seek revenge against his father for killing his mother and finally to become free from his abusive family.

Mladen Dizdar – dir; Mia Pećina-Draśkowić /Lot 28 Studio – prod., Branko Ruzic – co-wr., project – Croatia

Logline: Curious preteen Eva, meets Hm in a dangerous world long forgotten.  

Laura Kaehr – dir, Katrin Renz/tellfilm - prod., Geoffroy Grison – co-wr., project – Switzerland

Logline: Penelope, a forty-year-old choreographer, inherits a prestigious dance school after her father‘s accidental death. She reluctantly accepts the position, but her free-spirited approach to her sexuality does not sit well with the institution. When 16-year-old Elena arrives at the school with her explosive temperament and sensuality, Penelope finds the courage to assert herself

Beate Schalko – dir, Veit Heiduschka/Wega Film – prod., project – Austria

Logline: Iris and Ruth, two best friends who couldn’t be more different, decide to go on a road trip to fulfil Ruths biggest dream: to sing for thousands of people. On the road they discover not only are their lives not what they’ve made them out to be, but also that their friendship isn’t rock solid.

Filip Dzierżawski – dir, Marta Szarzyńska/Kinhouse – prod, project – Poland

Logline: Rita, worried about her boyfriend Janek's alcohol problem, uses a family reunion on the   first anniversary of his mother's death to organize an "intervention" and convince him to seek treatment. The situation becomes complicated when Janek's family downplays the problem, and his rebellious son announces he is going to a monastery.

Schedule of sessions EKRAN+ 2023

The programme is divided into two online sessions and one on-site session, which are scheduled on the following dates:

  • session 1: April 24–27, 2023 (online)

Participants: directors, scriptwriters, producers. Is a visual warm-up and introduction to shooting practice. It begins with the group analysis of the treatment and scene to be shot during next session, and continues with the visual presentation of participants’ projects, as attempt to imagine the movies for ourselves, and find the visual way of communicating it to others. At the end of the session participants meet Casting Director and Art Director in order to prepare the shooting of the scene for the 2nd session.

  • session 2: June 20–28, 2023 (on-site, Warsaw, Poland),

Participants: directors, DOPs (on-site), scriptwriters and producers (on-line). Each team has the opportunity to invite a director of photography and two actors from its native country to produce an interior scene from the script (in their native language). Focus is put on imagination and searching for specific imaging tools to create a desired tone and atmosphere of the film. After scenes’ group analysis participants discuss re-written scenes with their supervising shooting tutors. The treatments’ and scripts’ further development is provided through individual analysis with two independent script doctors. The session ends with summary of project development as well as evaluation, screening and discussion of the produced scenes.

  • session 3: September 4–5, 2023 (online). 

Participants: directors, scriptwriters, producers. Participants come back for the final treatment or script consultancy and setting up the directions for the advanced draft development.


About EKRAN+

EKRAN+ is a professional training programme aimed at developing scripts/treatments and producing scenes from each project under the guidance of renowned international filmmakers, including Wojciech Marczewski (Director of the EKRAN+ Programme), Paweł Pawlikowski, Ildikó Enyedi, Antoine Jaccoud, Udayan Prasad, Marilyn Milgrom, Margaret Glover, Denijal Hasanović, Volker Schlöndorff, Roshanak Behesht Nedjad and Christoph Hochhäusler. Each participating project is represented by a Creative Team consisting of a director (or scriptwriter-director), scriptwriter (or co-writer), director of photography and producer. The EKRAN+ programme includes: treatment and/or script development, through group and individual work; preparation for shooting: casting, storyboard and individual consultations with the tutors; shooting; editing; evaluation with group and tutor analysis of the produced scenes.


EKRAN+ is a joint project of Wajda Studio and Wajda School (Poland), Focal (Switzerland), Austrian Film Institute, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Lithuanian Film Centre with the support of the Polish Film Institute. Technology partners: Heliograf and Koi Studio.