Five directors from Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, Lithuania and Poland started a second session of our professional training programme for European filmmakers EKRAN+ 2023.

The session (June 20–28) is focused on scripts / treatments development and production of the scenes. The main topic of the session is the visualization of the future film and the quality of the collaboration of the director with other film professionals: screenwriter, cinematographer, producer, actors, casting director, set designer, prop masters, sound engineer, editor.

The session started with the analyses of 5 scenes done by participants and Tutors: Wojciech Marczewski, Ildiko Enyedi, and Denijal Hasanović. After the analyses, the participants were advised to re-write the scenes before the second individual scene consultancy with shooting supervising tutors. They took part in the lectures “Opening of the film and introducing the main character” by Denijal Hasanovic and “Fingerprints in film” by Wojciech Marczewski. 

During the next days our participants together with their supervising tutors, DOPs, set designers and set managers will visit their shooting locations and rehearse with actors and make costumes’ try-ones. We’ll host the actors and DOPs from Austria, Lithuania, Switzerland and Croatia as well as work with polish actors and DOPs. Besides shooting, participants will have individual consultations with Margaret Glover and Pierre Agthe.

Each team will have at their disposal one day for shooting, and one day for editing. The session will end with the screening and analysis of the 5 produced scenes.


Participants EKRAN+ 2023

Laura Kaehr – director, Katrin Renz, tellfilm – producer., project: Limits of Being, Switzerland
Mladen Dizdar – director, Mia Pećina-Draśkowić, Lot 28 Studio- producer., Branko Ruzic – co-writer, project: Eva and Hm, Croatia
Beate Schalko – director, Veit Heiduschka, Wega Film – producer., project Losing Grip, Austria
Saulius Baradinskas – director, Viktorija Seniut-Stroliene, Viktoria Films – producer, Egle Vertelyte, co-writer, project Concrete Music, Lithuania
Filip Dzierżawski – director, Marta Szarzyńska, Kinhouse, producer, project Anniversary, Poland