2022 Ekran+ projects announced! April 20, 2022 Magda Wylężałek We are happy to present the names of participants and titles of projects selected to this year’s edition of the international training programme for directors/screenwriters-directors EKRAN+. Czytaj więcej
Call for applications for EKRAN+ 2022 is open! January 20, 2022 Magda Wylężałek Submissions for EKRAN+ the international training programme for directors/scriptwriters-directors are open! This time the programme will focus on creative development of the first and second feature film projects from partners countries Austria, Croatia, Lithuania, Switzerland and Poland. Throughout the programme, you will develop your script/treatment and shoot one scene from your script with the focus Czytaj więcej
FILM BRIDGE – BELARUS. A directing and scriptwriting programme for filmmakers from Belarus September 13, 2021 Magda Wylężałek Are you a citizen of Belarus? Are you looking to develop your own feature film or documentary project? Check out the new programme run by the Wajda School and Gdynia Film School! Applications deadline: 27 October 2021. Czytaj więcej
2021 EKRAN+ kicked off! June 8, 2021 Magda Wylężałek On 7 June, the 2021 EKRAN+ international training programme officially started. Thankfully, we were able to meet each other in person in Wajda School, Warsaw, Poland. Czytaj więcej
Call for applications for the European Training Programme EKRAN+ 2021! February 15, 2021 Magda Wylężałek Submissions for EKRAN+ the international training programme for directors/scriptwriters-directors are open! During the programme you will shoot two scenes, with focus on identifying and refining the right tone and visual language for your future film. The deadline for applications is April 12, 2021. Participation in the programme is free of charge. Czytaj więcej
Peaceful and Warm-Hearted Christmas December 22, 2020 Magda Wylężałek Holiday Greatings: https://vimeo.com/493667834. Czytaj więcej
It’s a wrap for EKRAN+ 2020! See the photos from our film sets! November 3, 2020 Magda Wylężałek EKRAN+ 2020 has come to an end! Participants of nine teams from Poland, Switzerland, Croatia, Lithuania, Austria and Spain came to Warsaw for the third time to shoot the second of their workshop scenes. Czytaj więcej
WAJDA SCHOOL | NEW TALENTS | 2020 | VIRTUAL PITCH October 8, 2020 Magda Wylężałek On October 16, Wajda School in cooperation with a Warsaw Film Festival will hold an online event WAJDA SCHOOL | NEW TALENTS. Fourteen projects developed during the feature film, documentary, script and creative development courses will be presented during the event. Czytaj więcej